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Date:2008-04-16 16:50
Subject:Nice summation


The only criticism I have of this "suggestion for Obama to say tonight" post is that Senator Obama is basically saying this already.

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Date:2008-04-14 19:50
Subject:Polling is Our Friend, but I think it's too drunk to drive tonight....

Two polls come out of Penn in a period of 24 hours.
One has Clinton by 3. The other has Clinton by 20.
You'll notice that the 20 point poll is so nuts that RCP won't use it in their average.
I can find you a poll that says that the majority of Americans think G.W. Bush is smarter than they are.
Polls are silly.

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Date:2008-04-08 01:00
Subject:Lied to Over and Over....

According to the latest estimate, the "best case recent scenario" of the War in Iraq costing $3 trillion is...considerably lower than it really will cost.


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Date:2008-03-18 20:47
Subject:Open Relationships
Mood: amused

You want to know why honesty is the best policy?
Because if poor Elliot had just copped to his wife and been straight with her,it could have all been like this...:

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Date:2008-03-16 21:09
Subject:McCain on Rev. Wright:

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Date:2008-02-22 22:31
Subject:Y'all want to know what a real education plan looks like?

Stanford University will no longer charge tuition to students whose families make less than $100K per year. They will not charge room and board to students whose families make less than $60K per year.


You want to attract the best, brightest and most driven? This is America.

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Date:2008-02-04 01:10
Subject:Politics, History, and You: Two Points
Mood: thoughtful

Please view video, if you already haven't. If you have, hell, view it again. The music is important.

The Two Points I Wish To Make:
1) During the video, did you find yourself welling up a bit? Finding the tear in the corner of your eye? What does this say about our society that any message of hope for us or our nation and society makes us well up? How messed up and off-track have we gotten that hope is foreign to us? Is this perhaps part of the change that the piece advocates, no matter how vague the plan for that hope may be? That we may, one day, return to being "the last, best hope of mankind?"

2) If this video had been made about Robert Kennedy or Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy or Gandhi, we would have no fear of openly espousing those people and let those tears roll without fear of reprisal. Those people are safely dead, of course, and call on us for nothing in this hour. The question is: would you heed this call or will you be, like the 10 million Baby Boomers who claim to have been one of the 500,000 at Woodstock or to have marched from Selma to Montgomery, telling your kids in 25 years that you were in the ranks that pushed for change back in 2008?

Because I was.
And so can you.
And then there will be something we haven't been allowed to dream of in quite some time.

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Date:2008-01-10 14:24
Subject:I would like to endorse...

an idea I had and then discovered that others had already had: vote Democratic in the January 15th Michigan Democratic Primary. Then, vote "Undecided".
I want to see Hillary lose to nobody.
Sort of like Ashcroft losing to Mel Carnahan, even though Mel was dead.
So, yes, Michigan, I advocate voting for "no one" on January 15.

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Date:2007-12-19 10:56
Subject:The Best

This is the cutest thing I've seen on internal review/ethics since Nixon fired the independent prosecutor who was investigating him in the "Saturday Night Massacre":

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Date:2007-09-24 01:00
Subject:Party and Parting

We had the most delightful housewarming party ever on Saturday night and I wanted to thank everyone who came and all who made it the terrific time that it was.
We must do it again some time soon.
And Shaky Jake was laid to rest today. The funeral was standing room only and the tributes were great. If only he had been there to see it, but that's the bitch of a funeral.

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Date:2007-09-19 14:26
Subject:WTF! Rev_e...


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Date:2007-09-19 12:06
Subject:Follow-Up: Everyone MUST Go
Mood: melancholy


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Date:2007-09-18 00:28
Subject:Another Post That I Do Not Imagine Will Be Read
Mood: restless

Has anyone looked at Hillary's healthcare plan. For those of you who did not see "Sicko", this is what Michael Moore predicted. I think it is as bad as I can imagine it. See if I am wrong. Basically, it would require Americans to purchase coverage, "Like auto insurance".
Wow, what a boon for health insurance companies. The same way that it was for the auto insurers. Isn't it great to have a product that the government REQUIRES you to own? Man, I wish I had a product I could get the government would require ownership of. Hillary, this is collaboration, babe. Fucking watch that shit.
I am thinking of going to work for John Edwards. Captainblack, is you with me?
I have been listening to the Johnny Cash version of "I Hung My Head" endlessly. And to think that Sting wrote it. What is the world coming to?
Oh, rev_e, did you know that 50% of the last Scorpions album has Eric Bazillian's name on it?
And did you know that there was a new Hooter's album released in the last two weeks?

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Date:2007-09-16 23:49
Mood: curious

So, Dwayne and I went fishing in the Huron River at Barton Drive again. Dwayne gets three catfish, 18 inch, 19 inch and a terrific, fat 22/5 incher. I filleted and fried the evening away.
Ian came from upstairs and partook of a fillet, I ate three and the last two went in the freezer.
The season is waning, but I like the idea of being the "emergency late-night fish fry" guy.
Is there anyone else I should be calling at, say 9:30PM or 10PM or so for a late night fry?

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Date:2007-09-14 11:32
Subject:Movie Call

I am thinking of seeing "3:10 to Yuma" at the Showcase on Carpenter. Probably either the 9:10 or 9:45 show. Thoughts?

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Date:2007-09-01 23:28

That was the best Michigan football game ever.
Short season, wasn't it?

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Date:2007-08-26 22:33
Subject:And while I am on this tear...

...while the war in Iraq continues and we are paying for it, while the genocide in Darfur goes on and we ignore it, while 44+ million Americans have no health insurance and we cry for tax cuts, while our own allegedly elected government eviscerates every social program ever created from Medicare and Social Security right down to public education and basic services, while people are homeless and hopeless in New Orleans two christing years after Hurricane Katrina, I could give a shit if Michael Vick was feeding dogs dipped in nacho cheese to sharks off a pier in Atlanta and stroking his dick while they cutely doggy-paddled for their very lives. Fuck them. I am not supporting dogfighting, I am just saying that some perspective would be nice.

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Date:2007-08-26 19:05
Subject:Comments on Gozales Departure
Mood: annoyed

I have been somewhat miffed to watch the Dems among us cavorting over the resignations of Alberto Gonzales and Karl Rove.
On Gonzales:
1) Watching us raise glasses over Gonzales's departure is a bit like cheering because SS death camp guards were laid off at the end of WWII. What you are failing to notice is that all of the Jews were dead. Gonzales is not being fired, nor indicted. He is a contractor. The job is over. There isn't anything to do but leave.
2) He held off Congress, ignored the Constitution, and is returning to private life. He won, we lost. He's riding off into the sunset and we are cheering. I see nothing to cheer about.
3) You motherfuckers were thrilled to see him come into office, crying "No one can be worse than Ashcroft." Yeah? Think again. As you raise your glasses, try not to say "No one could be worse than Gonzales." This administration has absolutely nothing to lose at this point
On Rove:
1) Y'all forget that he did the same thing last election cycle. This dude runs campaigns and he's fucking brilliant at it. If you could tap ol' Karl's phone and find out which GOP candidate he's talking to most over this last month and next month, you'd know who's going to get the nomination in 2008.
2) He is not out. He is never going to be out. He cans still advise and direct from anywhere he likes. You think George is going to really be the head of the administration? Presidents come and go: advisors stay. Ask Sandy Berger. Ask David Gurgen. Shit, ask Henry Kissinger.
Perhaps most importantly, and I hope you are really reading this part, neither of them want to be around when the time-bomb version of this election cycle's October surprise goes down. http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070827/NEWS06/70827061/1049/SPORTS01
Figure Rove directed Gonzales to place US Attorneys to nail anyone and anything connected to the 2008 Democratic candidates. This isn't about Fieger, though the GOP will take the gravy, it's about John Edwards.
Folks, this is gonna be a great, and ugly, campaign season.
But don't crack your beers just yet for any of it.

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Date:2007-08-17 20:28
Subject:Formal Announcement
Mood: bored

I now live in fair A2 and I am available for social functions. If anything interesting ever happens, I would like to know about it. Operators are standing by.
Thank you for your time and I hope that I have passed the audition.

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Date:2007-08-16 02:28
Subject:Hey, f'n earthshine

This really is how the rest of the planet feels, just in case you were uncertain.


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